Meaningful stats on benefits of minify/advanced minify?

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  • I'm not particularly interested in obscuring my code, and am thinking that not minifying would probably make it easier for people to mod my game; something I want to enable and encourage.

    One thing I'm curious about (and haven't seen hard numbers on) is what tangible benefits exist beyond code obscuring when minifying projects? I don't want to leave performance on the table, but at the same time I'm apprehensive to minify and make the game harder to mod for no real benefit.

    Any help in trying to determine if minifying is all that important would be greatly appreciated.

  • I mean minifying would make the export smaller.

    By not minifying it doesn’t make the program any more able to be modded. What gets minified is the plugins and and JavaScript scripts you write in the event sheet. But those aren’t really easily accessible. If you want your program to be more modable I’d try different measures.

  • Modding by editing the exported project isn't really feasible - it's not designed to be easy to edit, and in fact in several ways has been deliberately designed to be difficult to reverse engineer, because a lot of people are concerned about that. Minifying helps harden it further against reverse engineering, but it's still not easy to begin with.

    If you want your game to be moddable it's probably better to add your own extensibility logic (e.g. a level designer, settings, loading custom images, etc) or just share the source Construct project so other people can tweak it from the editor. Neither of these things really have anything to do with minifying.

  • Does Advanced Minify change all variable names (global etc.)? The manual doesn't say what it does specifically.

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  • Advanced Minify renames pretty much everything in the JavaScript code. However providing you follow the manual guide on writing code for advanced minification, it won't change how it runs at all, which usually means you don't have to worry about exactly what it renames.

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