What do i do to master Construct 3?

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  • Hello Guys, I want to develop 2D games for mobile (android and ios ) and I am in the process of choosing an engine for long term game development. I don't want to switch for the next 3-5 years after deciding as I feel mastering one is my style of working.

    I have doubts about how the engine will perform when

    1. Handling complicated physics (blob Physics etc - Leos Fortune)

    2. Can I achieve Clash Royale like quality game with UI? Will it be able to handle so much of sprites and intense gameplay.

    If the above can be achieved with Construct 3, what are the stuff that one needs to master in order to make a complete game from Scratch till finish?

    1. Game Engine (Mostly Construct(I Love this Engine) or if no choice what do I go for)

    2. Server Side Language - Node js or PHP ( Which works well with construct)

    3. Multiplayer Integration (Any Suggested engines like the photon)

    4. Database - Firebase or MySQL

    What languages do I have to learn? Is learning Javascript alone enough or do I have to learn html5 and css3 to understand the engine in-depth? Sorry for raising so many questions in one post guys. Kindly help...

  • I wouldn't worry about performance so much. You can use the free version of the engine and check out some example projects, including stress tests.

    As far as what kind of games can be made with construct, the answer is pretty much any 2d game you can think up.

    To master the engine is much like mastering any other tool, and that is simply using it, reading the manual, and learning from others in the community.

    Learning JS would also be useful.

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  • Thanks a lot bro, I understand that needs to be done, just making sure I am on the right path.

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