Making a Multiplayer Quiz App. How difficult?

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  • I'm pretty familiar with Construct, and I'm an owner of Construct 3. I have not, however, tried to do anything with the multiplayer object.

    With that in mind, how difficult would it be for me to create a multiplayer quiz game for my office? I'm fully confident that I can make a quiz game, but I want to allow up to 30 people to connect to it and compete against each other, in realtime.


    As a player, I go to a website link with my iPhone and am prompted to enter my name. A second or so later my name appears on the Quiz Screen. (In this case, on a large monitor in a conference room.)

    When the Quiz Creator clicks the READY button a question and four answers appear on the Quiz Screen. A moment later they appear on my iPhone and I choose one of the answers. (I have 20 seconds to pick.)

    After the timer runs out, or all answers are in, the correct answer appears on the Quiz Screen, along with the number of people who got the question right and wrong.

    And so on. Is this a moderately difficult endeavor, or a hugely complicated rip-my-hair-out kind of project. :-) (I've looked at the example "chat" app, and it doesn't look *too* bad...)

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  • super easy and everything you need is there well within your grasp ! Good luck ! work hard !!

  • I also thought about making a Coffee-order-website/app for the office :D

    Never started on it, though.

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