Lost 30% of my work because I was stupid...

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  • Hey everyone,

    Writing this just in case someone else is utterly retarded like me, but I set up autosave to save in Local Storage or browser storage, a few days later I decided to format my hdd to see if it will fix random crashes of Construct 3 in Chrome. After a few hours all is clean, I backed up all things but I had a nagging feeling I forgot something.

    So I open up Construct3 and yeah. I am certifiably retarded. Lost 30% of what I worked on in my latest project

    Will pause for a week now with something else, maybe finish another game.

    I just want to live in a cave in the mountains and not deal with stuff like this. And probably get eaten by lions on day 2.

    Anyway that's it.

  • Big bummer dude...

    I always save in 3 spots.. and my main is cloud, but i always carry a copy on my pen drive

  • Just wanted to hurriedly test if saving was the issue. So I relocated to browser storage.

    After I just wanted to hurriedly fix it by reformating.

    My next plan is to shoot myself in the knee and see if that fixes any of my problems Excellent planning... excellent.

  • i have passed that with construct 2..

    My project quasar .. in the early days, had a completly movement type.

    and i was saving everything in the cloud .. but a month prior of a hd format i changed the password of my google acc..

    I lost a month of work.. and a breakthrough of gameplay that i achieved...

    I stop working on the project for a month, but when i came back i did better than it was before...

    Keep up with good vibes...

  • I always save to dropbox even if it's a bit slower to save. As it has built in revision history. You can always recover deleted files and old revisions if you save over a file.

    The save to local storage is a pretty dangerous feature. I lost some test projects that I saved that way after clearing browser cache. Luckily nothing important.

  • My horror story: I made a calorie counting app that allows the user to save nutrition facts of foods. I was an amateur at the time I didn't know how to manipulate arrays; I built a custom array to store user data, each x value would be a food name, each food had 11 attributes at the time. I made 250(x) custom slots with 11(y) attributes, a single event for each attribute was used to save all the data properly (in my amateur head :/), that is 2750 events, don't worry it gets better. I had 3 menus, one for a log, another for recipes, and finally one for individual food. That's 8250 events.

    A few months later I learn some python and learned what to search for in construct in order to program more efficiently.

    I replaced that 8250 conditions with a single event to trigger a save, a loop sub event with an incremental function, another sub event to organize and save the array. I refactored the programming (which originally took me a weekend) in less then 10 minutes. Now the menus are Infinitely sized.

    The end result left me feeling like I am probably wasting tons of time and don't even realize it. But then again I got in so many reps and learned a very valuable lesson; stuff will indeed go wrong and I will be the one to blame half the time, and that is why creating is hard work, not quitting + experience * talent = success. My advice is to abstain from the project for a few days until it bothers you so bad that you want to go back. If a week goes by then it time to go to work.

    Point is we all do dumb things in our own dumb little ways. Its the ones that stop putting in effort that you never hear about, although you will read them complain a lot about the app store : ).

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  • Yeah those exponential improvement leaps feel real good

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