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  • Hi I am looking to start making iOS games for my nephews, I don’t have any programming experience but I have made basic games with programs in the past like game maker 8 and the games factory using the block programming features,

    I am looking for a program that might take away the majority of the difficulty of exporting and publishing an IOS app for iPhone and iPad devices, I have an iMac and will get a developers account soon, but don’t know which game development engine to start with,

    I am interested in a program that will have a incorporated process for creating characters and possibly even animating their movements for game, whether this be sprite based or something like the Spine program,

    I am basically wanting to make a game like math rescue , I. Terms of game mechanics I understand I would have to use different controls lol, but I want to aim for the same sort of simplicity in character design and movement.

    And also the ability to jump up on numbers so interaction factors like that,

    Sorry about this the video of some of the gameplay in math rescue is here youtu.be/4eXZDXZPjT8

    Any advice any one can give on construct 3 and if it may be the program for me based on the things I’m looking to do, would be really appreciated thank you for your time.

    Ps. Can construct 3 export native iOS apps? And windows executables?

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  • Ps. Can construct 3 export native iOS apps? And windows executables?

    The game you mentioned is doable with Construct, and i think there is actually a example file of that specific gameplay somewhere in the Construct 2 section, might be an old post like 1 -4 years.

    As Native IOS? not sure what you mean by that, all i know Construct exports a package file usually zip, if not a folder with assets ready to be imported into the IOS xcode program and then you can follow the specific guide for that process to export a ios playable game, thats why i said i dont know what you mean by that cause im not sure if this is actually native coding transcript, but it should work as good as a native export. For more informations and guides on this wrapping ios thing id suggest searching the C2 tutorial section and C3 tutorials in the Learn link found above in the header menu.

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