Looking for help to Debug APK via USB

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  • Hi! I tried it debugging as described in the "Debug your APK" topic with a new phone today (Samsung Galaxy S10) but it is still not showing up in devices. I installed the Samsung USB Drivers for Developers on Windows but I can't debug my APKs. chrome://inspect/#devices is not showing my device. I set the USP mode to Photo transfer as suggested here: developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/remote-debugging

    Any ideas?

    The other Huawei phone showed up as device but this one does not have the problem with missing iframes and no errors are in the console regarding them (but inspect window only shows iframes from my app, text objects, sprites etc. are invisible)

    The Problem:

    My latest update does not show iframes on a few layouts (works fine on Huawei Phone) and I connected my phone for debugging to see if any errors are shown. the iframes are shown fine on most pages but some layouts dont show them. Visibilty is set to true, one is on a layer which is toggled to show the changelog in an iframe. Only my Samsung phone does not show some of the iframes, PC and Huawei Phone show everything.


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  • chrome://inspect on my phone does not work either. Its showing ERR_Invalid_URL.

  • Found why the iframes where invisible. If the iap item was owned they were set to 0 pixel height (forgot to add instance variable to some frames) but the problem with USB debugging is still present.

    Any help to debug with Samsung Galaxy S10+ would be great. :)

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