Long preview refresh time (if editor minimized or covered by a window)

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  • Hi all,

    When the preview of a project is launched, the display is normally immediate, this is also the case when the preview is focused and updated with the F5 key. However, I noticed that this was strangely not the case all the time and depending on the workspace.

    I usually work with two screens, but this also happens on just one (tested with the Kiwi Story template, same problem as with any other project).

    For example, if the editor is minimized (I use the application as an independent Chrome shortcut *), and the preview window is refreshed (always with F5), it takes several seconds, sometimes very long, before the project is relaunched - even to the point of freezing (rarer).

    This is also the case when the preview window or another application, or even a file explorer window, completely covers the editor in full screen mode (while the preview is still open on the second screen).

    * This also happens directly in Chrome if the editor tab is not active.

    Is anyone having the same problem, and what do you think it might be related to, would there be a way to fix it?

  • The preview window needs to communicate with the editor window to load.

    Browsers throttle hidden/invisible windows to stop them slowing down your PC. So if the editor window is minimized/invisible and is throttled, it will work much more slowly, and then the preview will be slower to load.

  • Ok, thanks for the clarification, hopefully the current limitation will change when the context is this.

    In the meantime and if I understand correctly, one solution would be to invest in a third screen (and a new graphics card) for more convenience.

    More annoying, this slowdown seems to appear constantly when DevTools is open (minimized or not, in popup preview mode - undocked by default, no option to dock it) and wherever the refresh comes from (editor or preview window - no delay with Chrome tab).

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  • Try adding this to your package.json


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