Long black-screen after loading screen while loading art assets

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  • Ive noticed that as I add more art to my layout I am getting a long black-screen after the default load screen before the game actually starts.

    Dubug indicates that this blackscreen occurs while loading gfx assets.

    Ashley, could we not keep the loader on until all assets loaded ? Otherwise it looks like the game has frozen.

    or am I doing something wrong ???

  • I can't comment without an example project to look at. Otherwise all I can say is: I guess that shouldn't happen.

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  • Ok. did a little more digging. So.

    1) In trying to make an example project I can confirm that there is always black screen after default loader as layout images are loaded into gfx memory.

    2) However, this black screen time is acceptably small, fraction a second on a fast machine, even if I am loading in 30 large images ranging from 1000x1000 to 3000x3000 in size, looks like it is hitting around 300mb gfx memory.

    3) but my game seems to be loading in over 1.3GB for the layout. which seems a excessive for what Im doing so it looks like I may have some legacy large images in there that have been overlooked.

    So I will have a dig around my project to see what is causing the large gfx load

    but yea definitely looks like there is black screen during gfx load which will be obvious with large games on slow machines so I may raise a bug for that.

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