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  • There are 2 questions regarding this topic which are related to one another:

    Question 1: I understand for C3, the saved data for Local Storage is placed in the appdata folder section of the PC with the name of the game on it. However, there are many files in it. There is a total of 154 files in the game folder itself but which of those files (format) actually carries the saved data? I am trying to setup Steam Auto Cloud but I am not sure which file to point to since there are so many. Copying all of them will take up larger space.

    Question 2: Since the Local Storage data is stored in the appdata folder, deleting the game folder should technically remove the saved data, right? I experimented a bit by removing the entire game folder and yet the game is still able to reload all the local storage data when I start the game. How is this so?

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