Will Local Storage ever be cleared on Steam?

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  • Game will be uploaded to Steam, among other platforms, so will be a NWJS export.

    I know that the docs state this:

    Non-browser export options like NW.js, Cordova or Windows Store apps are not affected by the user clearing any amount of data from any browser, they also use separate storage.

    So this already gives me some confidence but wanted to double check if there were any situations where local storage would be cleared or data lost.

    My use case:

    • I already have save game system setup with Construct's built in save system. Local Storage is used to monitor which save slots are used.
    • I need to setup stats that are tracked across games, such as for achievements. Obviously I do not want to do this in any Variables or Construct Objects (Arrays, Dictionaries, etc) as these need to not be saved and loaded along with games but retained throughout games. Local Storage seems to make sense for this.

    Also, I have yet to look into setting up the cloud saves. If there is a way to incorporate this into cloud saves - so stats/achievement counters would be kept across devices or not be cleared with uninstalls - that is something I'd take advantage of.

  • You can also save files locally.

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  • You can also save files locally.

    That is true, I was considering that.

    That could be less reliable than local storage - people delete it, move it, edit it to cheat - if local storage won't ever get cleared.

    Though, from starting to read about cloud saves it sounds like may have to save files locally and use those files to upload/sync for cloud saves. Planning to read up on that soon.

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