Can loader layout be skipped?

  • Ashley I'm reading this tutorial on loader layouts in C3, and it says:

    Is this true? Is it possible that loader layout may sometimes be skipped in mobile apps and web games?

    I often use loader layouts to read data from local storage, request files with AJAX and decide which layout to load next. If loader layout is skipped, this will break my games...


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  • Ashley

    Sorry to summon you again, but you are probably the only person who can answer this question.

  • Loader layouts are shown while downloading the game. If you're using a desktop/mobile app, the game is available locally, so it doesn't need to download anything, so the loader layout won't need to sit there showing download progress, so it starts at 100% complete, at which point presumably your events proceed to the next layout.

    Construct couldn't skip that layout automatically even if it wanted to. It doesn't know what your events will do next. So it just sets the completion at 100%, and lets your events proceed.

  • Thanks! I was worried that in some rare circumstances it may not be shown at all.

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