Loader bar changes back to default (Construct logo) randomly

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  • Not going to bother submitting a bug report over this as 1) it's a pretty minor thing and 2) it's too hard to predict when it happens and I doubt a sample project would help. But randomly, the loader style on my project switches back to the Construct logo (I have it set to the progress bar only).

    Now, like I said, it's not a major deal, but I was wondering if anyone else has found this quirk? Happens to me about once every day or so, but it seems really unpredictable. Like, it happened just then while I'm working on a new enemy. I have one event sheet and one layout open and that's it. One minute I'm seeing the progress bar, went and changed a couple of animations and move some set animation events around, then I go to test and get the default logo. Sure enough, I check the project settings and it's reverted back to Construct logo loader. I didn't even have project settings on the screen this time!

    So yeah, anyone else get this?

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  • ya happens a lot

    I think something to do with 1) changing run time or 2) updating version or maybe 3) some other change of project properties.

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