live preview not connecting through school network

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  • Hi

    Having an issue with live preview not connecting through a school network. Can connect through a mobile hotspot using my phone, but this is not practical if we decide to move up to C3 as none of the school desktops have wireless (ethernet).

    Spoke to the IT guys and they think it might just be a case of needing to whitelist a server.

    Any ideas?


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  • I haven't encountered that. Though, as long as the computers have internet connection you can do a Live Preview. I hope that solves that.

  • Then you get a link and scanner bar code you can use to preview the project.

  • Thanks for the reply, but maybe I need to be more specific.

    I understand how live preview works, and it works perfectly for me on my school laptop > device as long as I'm not connected to the school network.

    I can run live preview on my mobile hotspot and it will be fine, but as soon as I switch wifi connection over to the school hosted one and try to run it again, the session gets disconnected.

    It sees the host, will connect, and tries to download, but the speed stays at 0 kbps until the host disconnects the other device.

    Obviously, if I choose to roll-out C3 to my class (been using C2 for a few years now), this is one of the big features we'd be switching over for, so need to know if it will work beforehand.

  • I understand. This seems to be more of a local problem. I assume school networks have internet filters that might be blocking upload access from files or a computer antivirus that is equipped with a network guard that requires whitelisting network access.

    I think you should re-consult the School IT and check if these might be the cause.

  • LukeW we use WebRTC peer to peer connections for the remote preview, this might be being blocked by the schools firewall. This tool allows you to test if a WebRTC connection can be made from your current device back to itself.

    You will likely need to discuss this with your schools IT department, they might be able to unblock the connection.

  • Thanks Nepeo, I'll put in a request to see if it can be unblocked.


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