2 limitations for iOS apps that I would like Construct team to take a look at.

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  • I can't find a way to display my app as supporting multiple languages in the App Store "details" under the app.

    Does anyone here succeed in overtaking this issue?

    My game (made in C3) supports 3 languages (english, french and spanish) and users can choose the one they want in the game. I can even detect the device language with Browser.Language expression.

    ...but I can't find a way for my app to display more than one language (english) on the App Store. ...wich is not helping user base.

    The second limitation is the fact that my app show as iOS 12.0 minimum requirement in the App Store details, even if I change it in XCode "deployment target".

    Any way to change those 2 things in Construct or even in XCode?

    Is it a Cordova issue? If that's the case, are they looking into it...?

    Thanks in advance.

    Those 2 points would improve Construct even more. :)

  • I was wondering about the iOS 12 min version today but, having tested on a fair few older iphones that my students owned, I've not once experienced a student saying they can't access the game off the App Store.

    If you look at iphone models that support 12, it goes all the way back to Iphone 5s in 2013. I mean, I guess there are people out there using older phones, but I personally haven't seen too many (maybe iphone users are more inclined to upgrade?)... Android min version on the other hand...

  • When you export out your project from Construct to Cordova, you can select the minimum required version from the dedicated dropdown.

    At this time, the minimum minimum version is 12 and otherwise you can select 13.

    For the multilanguage support, I believe this is likely to be setup in xCode, or perhaps even in the store page.

    Please refer to the documentation of xCode, or the documentation of the target store to check out how to properly configure and display your application appropriately.


  • AFAIK the store display languages is handled entirely by the store and isn't anything to do with Construct.

    iOS 12 is the minimum supported version for the C3 runtime. According to Apple's stats this covers over 90% of devices.

  • I tried to find out the same with displaying the languages on the store page. Haven't found anything yet. You can't do it in the store itself (itunesconnect) so I think it must have to do with xCode.

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  • I had a look and there's some stuff about adding languages to a xcode project online. I think it's supposed to be used with the storyboard system, but I think it's where the app store is also pulling the data from.

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