Is there a limit to the number of sprites in the free version of Construct 3?

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  • Three times now I've run into a sprite that doesn't update correctly and instead of moving it paints itself (and leaves a permanent copy of itself) and happened towards what I could fit in using the free version. I've considered buying the program so before I spend money I need to know the limits of the program and if I can use it well enough. And a few times now the sprites start acting crazy ie copying themselves all over the layout, painting their shape permanently wherever they move ect. Is this a bug or a result of using the free version?

  • It's not a bug I've ever seen. More than likely it's your GPU.

    Post your project and we can test it for you to see if we see any issues.

  • It could be the gpu although there is only a couple things moving on the screen as most of the layout is static. I have seen people posting things but I haven't learned yet how to do it. Thanks for the response.

  • If you don't cover background and don't clear background you will get this ,no?

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  • In this case I figured out I was doing something wrong. Instead of just creating one sprite to be pinned to another as it revolved I was creating a new sprite as long as I was holding the right mouse button down so it was overwhelming my on board gpu. (so you were right). Thanks for the help.

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