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  • How easy is it to make learning tools? I'm not talking about learning code. It's subjects that are better taught with pictures and interaction then with books full of words and static images. Another buzz term for what I'm looking for is interactive learning media.

    I'm sure it's possible to do what I want but I want to know how easy it is and any see some examples others have completed.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • I think if you want to teach tools, first you must have full command on them. You said graphical representation or with images I don't think so that would be an appropriate way. Mostly people like videos because they just watch and perform it simultaneously.

  • * One doesn't have to be a master to make a learning tool.

    Here is a potential interactive learning tool to teach how gears work and their relation to ratios.

    Users might be be able to select how many keyed shafts to use. Next, they could stack different gears on the shafts. Finally, the program could spin the gears for us see how they would move. I don't have to be a mechanical engineer or master mathematician to see this. A similar concept would apply to the pulley.

    * YouTube and other videos are a lecture with distracting video. Listening to others talk is not how most people learn the easiest. Videos are common because they are easy to make, not because they are superior at helping the viewer learn.

    * Interactive learning activities is somewhat new. Does this explain why this thread isn't getting any good feedback?

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  • How easy it is depends on the subject and your own familiarity with the subject. In particular, how well you can describe the mechanics and logic behind how something works too a computer.

    I would hardly say this is a new application of software, it's just not what most people are here to make.

    If you give it a shot, you should be able to see very quickly if Construct 3 is suitable for you. There is a free demo after all. The event system will either make sense to you or not. I find it very intuitive, other people might not.

    I'd recommend following the ghost shooter beginner's tutorial, even if your goal is not to make a traditional game. It will give you a good idea of how C3 works.

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