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    a recent tread was talking about placing things on the wrong layer or on locked layers, ive also encountered that many times

    i think there are multiple problems that make this happening and disabling paste on locked and invisible layers will not be a full fix


    now you can for example select layer 1(highlighted) and then you press on a layer 2 object, but layer 1 is still highlighted, there is no correlation between layerpalette and the selected object

    a locked layer can be made active but you can still work on unlocked objects on other layers, so you think you can simple drag in new things > and suddenly they are locked

    you can't quickly go thru layers and know what and how many objects exist on that layer, hidden objects cant be checked at all

    invisible layers act as locked layers, > you cant select or move the boundingbox, invisible should only hide the graphic > if you dont want that hide + lock


    if you select an object, the layerpalette should change and highlight on what layer this object is and make this the current active layer

    directly clicking on a layer should indicate what objects are on the layer (selection highlight) (this selection highlight already exist for selecting object types in projecttab, it would just highlight all objects on that layers)

    layer properties should say how many objects currently exist on that layer

    locked layers need to be unlocked before they can become active. so locking > deactivates the layer = next unlocked layer gets active

    clicking locked layers could blink the lock as visual cue

    this also means you cant change layer-properties > because the layers is .. locked! .. you can still toggle visibility

    selecting objects on multiple layers, would highlight multiple layers > cut and paste could then be used to move these on 1 layer


    you know that if you select something, that is the current layer you're working, dragging a new object will be on the same layer

    if you move an object of interest, you also know you're on that layer, you dont have to search or even look what layer its on, this is a huge benefit over current workflow

    clicking on a layer actually gives feedback what objects exist on that layer

    you can select and move hidden objects as the bounding box can still be seen, if you dont want that > hide + lock

    you wont paste on the wrong layer as you're always working on the layer you recently modified an object

    you cant paste on locked layers as you cant select or make them active

    if you try this out i'm sure this will be a great improvement

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