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  • Hello!! Alright?

    I am creating a very interesting project, and as part of it, I would like someone to help me with an issue I am having doubts about!!

    So here we go... The layers of a layout are quite important for a lot of functions and purposes, so I make use of them (layers) to make my game more complete. Recently, I had seen a way to create an instance that can overlay another instance on the same layer, and with that, I have the effect that the instance being overlaid becomes invisible, keeping the visibility of other instances on others. layers. To do this, I create an instance with the "Blend mode" set to "External destination" and then I activate the "Force own texture" option on the layer where the instance was created to have the "transparent" effect. Then to have the effect I described above I will create another instance on this same layer below the instance I created before (with the "External destination" blending mode), the last instance is an animation of a spaceship that I the first one I created is a 10 x 10 pixels frame with all the animation filled with black (it can be any color).

    However, when I go to test it on a less powerful mobile device (Samsung Galaxy ON7), the FPS drops drastically, as Im using this option (Force own texture) in only one layer. There is no other factor for performance to drop like that, as my design is quite simple.

    I know that on a less powerful mobile device, this function will be very limited in terms of performance. But my project is being created to support the greatest number of mobile devices (from weak to the most powerful).

    By enabling this "Force own texture" option, rendering will be slower, and this will be noticed on weak devices, which I am wanting to avoid poor performance!

    And with all that, my question is:

    How can I create an instance that follows the same "transparency" effect with the "Force own texture" option turned off? And how can I try to mimic this option through events or instances or even a script file?

    I use this effect a lot in a scrollable list, and in case someone doesn't understand the context, I can post my project that shows this problem. Remembering that it only appears on weak mobile devices, where the FPS drops dramatically.

    Im using Google Translator, and if any word, phrase was not understood, I apologize because I don't know fluent English. But I hope you understand, so that my doubt is clarified!!

    I will be grateful for whoever helps me!! If you read this far, please help me, I really need this!

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  • Many objects with blend modes may be bad for performance, especially on mobile devices.

    It's always better to apply blend mode or effect to the entire layer. But I understand that this may not be possible in your case.

    Please post a small project demonstrating the issue, maybe we'll be able to help you find another solution.

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