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  • Not sure if there's a way to do what I'm thinking of..

    but basically I'm going through a bunch of layers in my layout and adding effects individually because there are some layers I don't want effects on (otherwise I would use the effects on the whole layout)

    so I can get the main area with effects but the ui for example isn't effected..

    however I have multiple layouts where this is necessary and I would like to be able to 'group' layers in much the same way you can with sprites in families


  • You can Force Own Texture in layer properties. This makes it so that effects on that layer are isolated from others.

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  • Hmm I tried I layout effect on a layout then forced texture of the ui layer and it didn't turn the effect off for that layer - which is what I was looking to do

    But it looks like there's a topic on this on the suggestions and idea page,

    if you want it too maybe go vote on it :)

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