Latest version ( beta ) messes up many things

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  • I tried these same games in the latest stable version and there it all works, more or less, as it should.

    These are Construct 2 games imported into Construct 3 and using Construct 3 runtime

    ---4 of the games tried did not load while using remote preview, just get stuck on Construct logo and bar

    ---Touch object's on Tap triggers when it should not

    ---Games that did work with remote preview had no particles created on android phone, but when previewed in browser on PC it worked fine. In this case particles and bullets or asteroids were part of a container. I create bullets or asteroids when necessary and particle trails should be created at the same time, but apparently they are not.

    Same problems if actually exported and uploaded to a web site or if debug APK created.

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  • Please file a bug report following all the guidelines, otherwise there is nothing we can do about this.

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