Latest stable cannot open any Construct 2 projects

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  • Before I could get around this by not using save to hard disk, now that it is on by default, even choosing a different default save option ( download a copy ) does not work

    Chrome is up to date, this is still Win 8.1 if it matters. Disable/enable anti virus / clear browser cache, all that nothing works

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  • I just tried it and the latest stable release can open Construct 2 projects just fine.

    As ever if you run in to any problems please file issues following all the guidelines, since it's generally impossible to help without all that information.

  • Well, I am sure others can open Construct 2 project, but not sure what I am supposed to do.

    On my laptop not a single Construct 2 project can be opened and I have at least 30, tried most of them.

    This has been a problem even before when using save to disk/enable experimental feature. By not using it I was able to open files, now that you've made it on by default I cannot open anything no matter what I choose as default save location.

    When opening files, loading bar gets to a certain percentage and just freezes there.

    That's pretty much all the info I can give you. I don't have time to analyze all those files and remove things piece by peace, resaving and trying to open in Construct 3.

    I can still open them in stable 210 as long as I do not use save to disk.

    I am not using any 3rd party plugins in any Construct 2 or 3 file. And I have already tried all the usual, clear cache, disable anti virus, reinstall Chrome, remove all Chrome addons, etc....

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