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  • Hi, has any one successfully managed to compile a iOS Xcode project using latest Xcode and iOS14?

    I am having a numorus amount of errors, on first opening its showing

    config.xml and www folder in red, as well as Resources folder in Red.

    When I try to build it fails, saying info.plist is missing (which I cannot find in the project folder at all) as well as cordova.h?

    Anyone any idea?

  • Fresh build from the server managed to build but now the UserMedia is no longer working again...

    Feel like giving up on this at times!

    ERROR: Rejection from 'runtime' handler 'cordova-fetch-local-file': [object Object]

    2020-11-16 18:00:27.632553+0000 camapp[19460:3769028]

    WARN: Error requesting camera: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'navigator["mediaDevices"]["getUserMedia"]')

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  • I am having serious issues...

    Why is it new builds wont build, saying the errors I mentioned such as missing info.plist?

    BUT sometimes a new server build works?

    SOMETIMES it builds but doesn't run or install on the device?

    What is going on??

  • WARN: Error requesting camera: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'navigator["mediaDevices"]["getUserMedia"]')

    This error is a bug in iOS. Apple need to fix that.

    As for everything else - it should work, and as far as I know it's working for everyone else. As ever it's hard to help without more details, like your project file, the exact export process you're going through, and the full text of any error messages.

  • I was aware no one else seemed to be shouting about so I new it must have been something I was doing.

    Turns out, for some reason when opening a project (even new ones) it would result in selecting the cordovalib project to build as apposed to the main project.

    Very odd.

    Sorted now though.


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