Laser Canon throwing a projectile on the opposite side.

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  • I have a Turret with two cannons and the turret is located at the top of the screen and the two cannons are pointing at the lower area of the screen, but one cannon is throwing a projectile at the top and the other one is throwing his projectile at the bottom. Can you give me a code that will allow me to make both of the cannon shoots at the bottom? One picture is showing you the code that I have typed and the other one is a picture of the Turret so you can better understand my problem:


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  • Bullets can move at a different angle to the angle of the object. You can check 'set angle' on the bullet object so it uses the object angle as the angle of motion. Then when you spawn the bullet you set angle to 90 for each (or it is 90 by default)

  • To plinkie:

    The "Set angle" property of the Bullet object was already set to "Yes" and the problem remains the same. You told me that I am supposed to check "set angle" but on the bullet property, you can only choose Yes or No when you want to activate the "Set Angle" property in Construct 2. What version of Construct are you using? I am using Construct 2.

  • Well, this is the Construct 3 forum area so have to assume you are using Construct 3. Share the capx I can probably fix it. I guess you meant one bullet is moving upwards instead of down when its shot from the cannon.

  • Yes, this is the problem. I already sent an image of the "Event Sheet" so I don't think that it is a necessity for me to send the capx file. The event sheet is enough to solve the problem.

  • The set angle is only affecting the second laser. Call set angle immediately after each spawn.

  • The set angle is only affecting the second laser. Call set angle immediately after each spawn.

    I saw that but it's not the issue because op is setting angle on the 2nd bullet to 270/move up and moving up is the problem. The bullet must be set to 90 by default making the set angle action the actual problem here but I need the file to verify.

  • To plinkie:

    Ok! Perfect! You said to call set angle immediately after each spawn. I followed your instructions and it works and the problem is now solved! Thank you very much for your help!

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