Are there any known conflicts between Zoom and C3?

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  • Today, students presented their individual platform game projects to the class via Zoom web conferencing. Overall, presentations went well, but one student encountered a bug which only seems manifest when they shared their screen via Zoom.

    They write, "[After class, I] kept starting the game up trying to recreate the issue and it would not occur. I even left the game running for a few minutes to see if it was just random timing and none of the drones fell off. Then I started up my own zoom call and shared my screen and played the game while it was being screen shared and the drones begin to fall again. I tested it multiple times and every time the game is being played through screen share it doesn't work."

    They add, "So I've also tested a few other things, if the game was started before I start screen sharing, starting a screen share will cause the bug, and even if I'm not screen sharing but if I open another program such as discord it causes one drone to fall but not all of them. It seems like the issue is tied to my computer running other programs while the game is playing so I don't really know how to fix that."

    I haven't had a chance to replicate the problem on my end and will continue to work with the student to trouble shoot, but it seemed like it could be helpful to ask folks in the forums if they have heard of similar problems related to screen sharing in the past.


  • It's possible that the amount of resources that simultaneously running video conferencing and the construct game were more than the computer was capable of delivering without causing significant lag for the game. Depending on how the game was written, a drop in FPS may have caused the adverse behavior.

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  • Give a B for a good story. I once claimed a dog...I mean bug ate my C3 program.

  • It's not really like that. The student has been checking in on Discord throughout the week as they've been working on the project.

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