I jumped from C2 to C3 and today im glad i did...

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  • First of all thanks for a great product, that said you should put C2 in the grave soon.

    C2 was my platform to make wapplications for different task in our pipeline. The last couple of updates on C2 gave me major problems and somehow forced me over to C3.

    But with the implementation of JS into C3 and more and more plugins becoming accessible im getting in the good mood around my migration to C3.

    Last thing i did was a backend and frontend for a Fortnite tournament scoreboard/DB for our little esports team tournaments we make from time to time, and considering i "code" hack 'n' slash style it actually performs well and on point and it didn't cost us a fortune to develop since we are using google sheet for data storage.

    So a big thanks to the community where i searched in the forum and found a lot of my answers for my scoreboard app.

    So keep up the good work, and for fox sake pleaaase release more nice plugins community.

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