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  • I want to make a game like the famous pacman but the path that the enemy has to travel does not work correctly. How is it done?

    Quiero hacer un juego como el famoso pacman pero no me funciona correctamente el camino que tiene que recorrer el enemigo. Como se hace?

  • Hey johnken!

    There are many ways of doing that, but if you must use bullet behavior you'll have to put "decision points" at each intersection. These points would be invisible objects that trigger a "path decision" when the bullet (Enemy) overlaps it. It's not the best way to make a Pac-Man game and definitely would not allow for the complex AI the game originaly had, but would do for a simpler game.

    Hope this helps...


    Hay muchas formas de hacerlo, pero si necesitás usar el bullet behavior, tendrás que poner "puntos de decisión" en cada intersección. Estos puntos serian objetos invisibles que dispararían una "decisión de camino" cuando el bullet (Enemigo) pasara por ellos. No es la mejor manera de hacer un juego de Pac-Man y no te vá a permitir usar la IA compleja que el juego original tenía, pero alcanza para un juego mas sencillo.

    Espero que ayude...


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  • Tile movement, moveto, and pathfinding would give you most of what you need mechanically, the other important part being setting states and choosing targets for the ghosts.

    Pathfinding can be skipped by using a simple distance and angle check at "decision tiles" as described in the previously linked article. Tile movement can still be used rather than bullet. Have ghosts continue moving in their current direction until an intersection/decision tile is reached, then give them a new direction.

  • There is also a PacMan Temple that it can help you to get started

    You can find it on Construct 3 starting Page: https://editor.construct.net/r188/

    Go to: Temples >>>> you will find it by Name: Eat them All

    I Cant post photos is not working so I will link it here


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