JPG Format Not Supported?

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  • Hi,

    I am trying to add image to sprite and it says "format not supported by construct, try converting to png or jpeg"

    I am able to add .png files but not jpg/jpeg... is there something obvious i am missing or is it a bug?



  • are you sure the file is a jpeg? I just tried opening one in the sprite editor and it worked fine...

  • Could you also please try .jpg file...

    Is jpeg acceptable but not jpg?

  • I just tried both .jpg and .jpeg with no problem...

    I don't think there is any difference in the format other than adding the e to the extension name.

  • AllanR Thanks for that!

    I think i just found an interesting fact here!

    The jpg/jpeg works fine in editor opened in browser (online) but shows an error when opened offline (desktop version = c80 stable)

  • I also had this with the Desktop version, I now only use the Browser version.

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  • Construct definitely supports JPEG images. It's one of the most widely supported image formats of all time.

    If Construct tells you it couldn't read a JPEG image, it's probably because the file is corrupt.

  • To be more specific, I could not load the image locally from file into the Destop version of C3, but I could copy and paste the same image from Gimp, where it was exported from, Also the same exported image that was saved locally, loaded fine into other image editors, for example MS paint, also the same image file loaded into the browser version of C3, without problems.

    Actually come to think of it now, I think the problem was that the image was saved automatically by Windows to my One Drive, maybe that had something to do with it?

  • Hi,

    Just tried the same jpg file with desktop and browser construct and i can confirm that it shows error for no reason in desktop version!

  • submit a bug report with the jpg file so they can check it out properly.

  • Will do it!

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