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  • So, I took a couple hours to actually build something with this new web based editor.

    Apart from missing certain X,Y layer things, it went as smooth as thusfar possible.

    I did get a google memory error after clicking to download the exported html package .... did download the file, but the version in my browser was gone when reloading the page. Glad I saved it.

    Odd note: the splash screen reads Construct 2 ???

    Aanywaysz ....

    Play Star Bored here !

    The game itself is simple, a scroller type of game with a twist ....

    Nothing fancy, just some ship you can move around with the arrow keys and use spacebar to shoot enemies.

    It will also auto shoot when enemies are in range.

    You can use touch to position your ship if you like.

    All in all it the browser developing experience was ok, still missing some features; for beta testing Families would have been nice, and picking .....

    Anyway, I am curious as to actual exporting, will definitely try it out when it works in the Beta.

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