Where are items stored in local storage?

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  • Say I set an item called "score" via local storage. Where would I find this in Windows?

  • You can't find it in Windows. It's saved to an internal browser database.

  • With NW.js is there a file I can possibly copy with this? I know you made a save game action for saved games, but it suited my game better to store the saved games in local storage and someone testing it was wondering how they could copy their saved games.

    I would only need the save/load game option for something such as saved states like an emulator would provide. My game only has to save data such as what level you reached, which weapons you got, etc. Nothing like object states.

  • With NWJS you can write/read any files, either silently, or prompting the user to select file location.

    So if you need to save game progress (level, health etc), you can compose a string variable with these values and then write it to a disk file. You can also save the entire game state to a text file if you want, using SaveStateJSON expression.

  • I guess I'll make an import/export option then. I would've preferred to just copy a file from the game's local storage folder it makes in NW.js, but I guess this works too.

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  • I remember why I used localstorage by default. The desktop version of C3 takes a long time to start previews if worker is enabled, so using it to test your game isn't the best option. This isn't the fault of Ashley, the NWjs makers put a bug in NWjs and haven't responded to Ashley's bug report in months still.

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