issue with .APK (android ) export: 60fps , but stuttering

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  • Hi all, i've read some posts of years ago, but i can't solve my issue. I created a small game(for mobile-Android), and it goes very smooth in remote preview.

    The problem is the APK version for android. After the export(debug apk-android 5+), fps are 60 but game(wich has ha scrolling background) has a stuttering behaviour.

    There is another easy way to compile the game avoiding this issue?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Reports like this occasionally come up, they seem to be device-specific, and they have remained a mystery for some time.

    The best approach would be to report the problem to Google at, mentioning that it is smooth in the browser but stutters in the APK, and include the device model and specs.

  • I've experienced the same thing and for me, setting "Compositing Mode : Low latency (Desynchronized)" helps. Not sure if it's recommended though.

  • Thank you for reply guys!

    zakkaplay i've tested quickly and you are right, it seems goes better.. i will make another test later!

  • mrsergio81 Welcome! I've been concerned about my own games performance and didn't believe Construct 3 had such bad performance, 60 fps but yet the game didn't run smoothly. Glad it helps. Hope more Android developers know about it.

    Ashley Is there any bad downside to using that setting?

    If not, maybe it can be part of a tips or setting in the Android export as it's unfair for construct 3 to be getting bad reputation for Android when it's actually good.

    On the other hand, if that can help to give some clues to some optimization for Android export, it's the best :)

    Just my two cents!

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