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  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm designing a video poker web app for an elderly acquaintance to play on her iPad. I finished the game and hosted it privately on, but something really strange is happening.

    The game works perfectly on pc, but it's having issues with mobile. On iPad it display properly in windowed mode, but it doesn't respond to touch. And when you tap to make it fullscreen, the game starts flashing and all of the visual elements slowly slide off the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, everything displays properly on the iPhone, but it still doesn't respond to touch.

    Remote preview within Construct 3 worked perfectly on iPad and iPhone; these issues have only been happening when I put it on I haven't tried other sites/hosting it myself, website building isn't something I have experience in. At the same time, I've hosted/played other tablet games on, so I don't think it's the platform, but it could be.

    Has anyone experienced a similar issue, or know any solutions? Thanks for the help!


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