Issue loading construct client possibly related to memory usage?

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  • Hello community,

    We have a construct client served within a Ruby on Rails application. We have noticed an issue which occurs for approximately 10% to 25% of our users per session when accessing the client via a web browser such as Safari. We see the loading graphic and progress bar as the client is loading, but it will get "stuck" for these users. When we are able to recreate the issue, the browser inspector has a console error 404 /scripts/opus.wasm.wasm not found.

    I saw an issue report of a similar issue suggesting that we need to incorporate mime types in the build which we are currently looking into.

    However along with this we are receiving an error log from our Ruby on Rails app which is what leads us to believe it is related to memory allocation:

    box2d.wasm.js?1553537079:5 Uncaught (in promise) RangeError: WebAssembly.Memory(): could not allocate memory at self.Box2DWasmModule (box2d.wasm.js?1553537079:5) at c3runtime.js?1553537079:110 at new Promise (<anonymous>) at C3.Behaviors.Physics._LoadBox2DWasm (c3runtime.js?1553537079:110) at async Promise.all (/launch/index 2) at async C3.Runtime.Init (c3runtime.js?1553537079:72) at async f._InitDOM ( at async f._Init (

    I looked for where the box2d.wasm.js file is being called and traced it back to a FetchBlob call inside of the c3runtime.js file. In each case when we have encountered this error, quitting the browser app and starting over seems to remedy the issue on both tablets and laptops.

    My question is, has anyone else ran into a similar issue with memory allocation or the missing opus.wasm.wasm file? If so what steps were you able to take to troubleshoot this further?

    Thanks In Advance.

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