Issue with latest construct3 runtime and a hidden iFrame

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  • We have a need to load a game into an iFrame but with that iFrame hidden from view (simple display:none). This was working fine until we were recently prompted to upgrade to the construct3 runtime. Now we are seeing the following console error which we have traced back to trying to load a game into a hidden iFrame.

    In our testing, this function in c3runtime.js is being passed 0's for a and b when the iFrame is hidden which is failing in the following code. Is there a setting in the runtime we can use to override this behavior?

    SetSize(a, b, c=!1) {

    var d = Math.floor;

    if (a = d(a),

    b = d(b),

    0 >= a || 0 >= b)

    throw new Error("invalid size");

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