iPad UI and Authentication issues

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  • I’m getting more and more UI glitches on the iPad that are impossible to reliably replicate. Is this product even tested on the iPad? Sometimes I’ll open Construct and login, (every time, since the iPad doesn’t stay logged in to any of Scirra’s websites) and the menu button doesn’t work. Sometimes it won’t work without logging in as well.

    I’m constantly having to refresh and lose work as side panels are getting stuck open (and yes I know that you have to swipe to open/close them) with no rhyme or reason as to why

    I was really into construct 3 on my desktop, but it’s pretty unusable on my iPad. Has anyone else had these problems trying to use Construct on the iPad? Has anyone managed to work around these issues?

    If anyone is curious, I’m using Safari on my iPad Pro 11” 2020 with iPadOS 13.5. I have the same issues with Chrome.

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  • Most problems we have with Construct on iOS turn out to be Safari bugs or quirks. It's a really difficult browser to work with and is probably the least reliable and up-to-date of all modern browsers. Apple don't really seem to care about web apps that much, so we end up with problems like their third-party tracking prevention blocking the ability for C3 to remember your login, and system gestures making the side panes difficult to swipe in. If you have problems you can file issues for them, but we can't always work around the limitations of Safari. AFAIK, it works a lot better on Android, Windows, or Chrome/Firefox on Mac.

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