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  • Hi! I'm wondering a bit about the decision to drop support for iOS versions before 12 (released sep 2018). What was the reasons behind this? For our latest game we override this in the Xcode project settings to at least support iOS11. After doing some testing it seems to work well, so we plan to release it like that.

    We've looked at some statistics for our other games out on iOS and during the last 30 days about 40% of the product page views are coming from pre iOS12 versions. So it would significantly lower our chances of success to release it with iOS12 as minimum version.

    Looking at featured games in the App Store it's very rare to see game that doesn't support a few iOS versions back. Unless it's an AR app for example.

    I'm also wondering a bit on how your plan looks going forward with Construct3 for iOS. Is the plan to keep moving the minimum iOS target upwards when a new version is released? Or was this more of a necessity due to unfixable bugs in iOS11.



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  • As discussed in the C3 runtime blog post the new runtime relies on modern browser features. The minimum support could have been iOS 11, but due to severe bugs in Safari that are fixed in iOS 12, we decided to set the minimum version to iOS 12 by default instead. According to Apple's data, this covers 80% of all devices, and 83% of devices released in the last 4 years, so it already covers the vast majority of devices and as ever that is always increasing. We don't want to increase the minimum requirements any further, but we may do so in the long term if supporting older versions is either infeasible, or they have reduced to negligible market share.

    Off the top of my head I think the iOS 11 bugs prevented Opus audio playback and Pathfinding from working. If you test carefully and everything works OK for your project, you may be able to release for iOS 11 as well, but I cannot make any guarantees.

  • Thanks for the answer Ashley. I can see why you made the decision.

    One thing to consider with the iOS usage stats is that they are heavily skewed for different target groups. For example kids games are often played on older devices, iPads or a parents last phone.

    We noticed that the sounds didn't play in the game on one ios11 device now (seems like it differs depending on the iOS 11 version). Do you think it would work if we would add the sounds as .MP3 files to the project instead?


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