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  • Hi there,

    I am loving the new exporting to Xcode feature. However, I am getting quite a bit of lag in the simulator. I assume this is normal and when you make an AdHoc, the performance is closer to native. Are there benchmarks test of performance with the new system?

  • mammoth

    I also noticed the simulator runs differently than any iPhone I have tested on. I honestly think it's just the way the simulator calls on resources similar to a vm vs native when compiled and installed via testflight.

    You can also connect your phone to the Mac and push it that way too, since it'll show up in the list of devices to test against (the simulators vs actual connected phones).

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  • The simulator tends to be pretty laggy, due to the fact it's an emulated device. It will run faster if you choose a simpler device for the simulator (iPhone 5, SE, etc.) but if your mac can't keep up there's not much to be done. If you want true performance levels your best bet is to just run it on the phone like says. This is actually quite easy but you do require an apple developer subscription to load it onto a device, even for testing.

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