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  • So I started building my game in Construct 3 and I have been using preview, remote, preview and browser stack to test the game thus far. Full disclosure: I hadn't noticed any issues in constructs exports of previous games, I made about half a year to a year ago with different mobile browsers.

    I finally went and exported a beta version of the game and put it up on my HTTPS:// server

    We are able to get the game to play on Android Devices in Chrome flawlessly.

    However, in IOS we are experiencing issues. At first the game would crash before loading with "Preload Sounds" enabled on export

    We now have the game loading and "playing" which means you can navigate the splash screen, rules, intro, and level select screens in IOS in mobile safari in 9-12.1.... However, when we go to click to the first level from the level select screen the game will then crash before loading that layout and refresh to the game loading screen. IOS Safari gives an error message "this webpage reloaded because a problem occurred"

    Additionally no sound will play on IOS. The sound is not a dealbreaker on IOS mobile. We just want to get running. We do need the sound to play as it is on Desktop and Android still however.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    We are 90% ready to launch the game besides the browser and device issues.

  • Can anyone confirm if there are memory limits to Safari Browser and loading file types?

    We have working but still having crashing issues with certain levels when clicking button to next level in safari? Since Construct 3 loads assets at time of request for that level, wondering if this is the issue.

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  • It's absolutely critical to test regularly on your target devices during development, not just at the end. It makes it far easier to deal with issues like this, since you can handle them when they first crop up, rather than much later down the line.

    It sounds like your game uses too much memory. Browsers don't tend to have specific limits, usually this means you used up all the physical memory. You may have to make quite far-reaching changes to deal with this.

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