iOS Export to Cordova and XCode White Flash Issue

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  • I seem to be having an issue with my Construct 3 project.

    I exported my files and chose the XCode project. I then loaded it up and connected my iPad to my Mac. The Construct 3 splash screen appears and loads. As soon as it's finished loading, the screen goes white for a split second and then reboots the same splash screen all over again. It seems to do this repeatedly unless I close the app.

    I then exported my files and chose the cordova project. I loaded the project up on PhoneGab Build and downloaded the iap file. I installed that file to my iPad as well. The same Construct 3 splash screen appeared, telling me the project is loading. When it finishes, I get the same exact white screen flash. The game never loads. It just keeps reloading over and over again with the same white flash.

    Has this happened to anyone before? I'm at a loss here. I have no idea what to do.

    Exporting my game via Cordova to android works perfectly. I can install the apk file and run the game just fine. It's iOS where I seem to be having the issues here.


  • Hi, same issue in here, i ve published my game to android store but haven't solved the iOS black and white flash issue yet And it makes me crazy. There isn't any useful info on web and i can't find a solution...

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  • Hey there,

    I was looking at bug on the github tracker yesterday which was similar to this. The project had a m4a audio file in it that caused the webview to crash when it tried to decode it, when the webview crashes it is automatically restarted. So it got stuck in a loop of "create webview", "load project", "crash". Hence the flashing! I have noted that safari tends to be somewhat touchy over audio files, although normally it just fails to decode the file instead of crashing.

    My best guess was that the file is slightly malformed, which some more permissive audio decoders could play.

    If it makes you feel better it was maddening to debug for me as well :/

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