invisible sprite after creating r192

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  • After upgrading to r192, several sprites that were created at the start of the layout are not displayed. In the debugger they are visible, but they are not visible on the screen. Sprites appear after changing the animation frame to another. There is no such problem in previous versions.

    I could not reproduce the problem in an empty project


  • We saw something similar in our project with r192.

    A temporary workaround was to add the object to the layout offscreen and destroy the offscreen object on the start of the layout.

    My guess is that this is caused by a recent change in 192 dealing with loading objects on start of the layout (discussed in another thread here on the forum.)

  • It works, thanks. But, I hope this really will be a temporary solution and it will be regarded as a bug (creating trash on each layout, instead of the one that can be used for all sprites, this would be bad). The new beta does not yet have this fix.

  • It's impossible to do anything about bugs unless you file them following all the guidelines. We need all that information to be able to investigate.

  • I know, and I wanted to do this, but I could not reproduce the problem in an empty project and I do not even know what to catch on. All I can do is send you the game source. And I sent it to you in the mail now. I did not use third-party plugins, so you can easily open it.

  • I'm afraid large projects are in general impossible to debug. The bug report guidelines covers a way to reduce a large project if you can't reproduce it in a new project.

  • We also tried to recreate the issue with the problem with a smaller project, but so far it does not fail in the same way.

  • Is there someone was able to reproduce the problem?

    I have seen the same strange behavior on my project but I was not able to replicate it.

    On my case I have a double nested FOR cycle and into the internal one I do create this sequence of objects:

    a) 1 sprite with a Boolean instance variable and a number instance variable an animation (0 speed 2 frame). The variable is set just after the sprite is created.

    b) 1 Sprite font with a number instance variable. The variable is set just after the sprite is created.

    c) 1 sprite with a number instance variable, an animation (0 speed 4 frame). The variable is set just after the sprite is created.

    what happen during debug (a breakpoint is enabled to inspect the behavior) is that:

    a) the first create instance of the sprite appears just when I set the instance variable. Subsequent cycles create the object as expected.

    b) no problem for this sprite.

    c) the first sprite doesn't appear even after the variable is set. In this case when both FOR Cycles completed I'm able to inspect the sprite (which is still invisible, set to frame 0 that exist and should show something like the other created). If I change manually the frame to 1 and then to 0 and click STEP debug button to let the runtime proceed of one step the image appears (!)

    At the moment it is all I can do to help.

    Hope this will help to focus on something can cause this strangeness.


  • This issue should be fixed in the next beta. (Today)

  • This issue should be fixed in the next beta. (Today)

    did you submit a bug report?


  • Almost) Ashley found a problem in my source

  • Almost) Ashley found a problem in my source

    Just for my comprehensions, how did you share the source with Ashley?

    Is there a public link?

    I'm just asking in case I'll get a similar problem in the future.


  • Perhaps you should ask Ashley for the link. In 90% of cases it is better to send a bug report

    r194 fixed

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  • Yes, R194 fixed my problem as well.

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