How intensive is the save game operation?

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  • Hi, was wondering this today, working on an idle/clicker game.

    Ideally I'd save game every time the player increases their score, which could happen every couple of seconds. Is there a particular reason not to do that around 20 times a minute?

    Would that have an impact on performance? How about 20 times a second, for example?

    Not talking about extreme cases of saving thousands of things on screen or something, let's assume a pretty ordinary save with some optimization done (excluding static objects etc).

  • Its shouldn't be that bad, but then again its a bit of overkill for a score.

  • Thanks! Well there's other reasons, the score was just an example.

    E.g. the game has an away timer that depends on it knowing the last saved time at all times, things like that. Yes this can also (should) be done with localStorage but it was more of a theoretical question.

    Thought maybe there was some rule of thumb like 'make sure not to save stuff too often because it kills performance/disk/battery'...

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  • Its just a string. I'm using it with hundreds of objects and saving is pretty much unnoticeable.

    Definitely a feature they should be proud of.

  • Agreed, one of the features that make you feel 100 kg lighter. Try implementing a full-game save of all states in something like Core Data in Swift and we'll be talking days of development vs 30 seconds 😬

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