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  • Hello!

    Instant Games SDK 6.3 has been out for a while now. Any plans on updating the plugin for Construct 3?


  • Is there a particular feature or other reason you are looking for the upgrade?

  • Yes! Both:

    1. (New) FBInstant.postSessionScore This API allows the game to provide Facebook with the player's score from the current game session. The game should only provide the player's best scores achieved during the session. Facebook will use these score signals in various platform integrations to help players discover, compete & reengage with the game.


    3. Data APIs for Player, Context, Locale, & Entry Point to start being accessible after "initializeAsync" We're reviving pre-game start access to data APIs! For example, you can now access the player's locale, or entry point data, while the game is loading. This should help you reduce secondary loading screens and overall loading requirements for your games. This change is available now on Web, and will be available on mobile starting in the following releases: FB for Android v219, Messenger for Android v213, FB for iOS v222, Messenger for iOS v216. Earlier mobile releases will exhibit the prior behavior, so make sure to check for any updated values after "startGameAsync" resolves.

    And in general:

    If you're starting a new game, we recommend always using our latest version of the SDK.


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  • Point 3 should be irrelevant to Construct games, is there a reason you included that?

  • Ok. I thought it could be useful to be able to have more control over the loading process, but if it's irrelevant to Construct games then I guess it's not needed :)

    Point 1 would still be great to have though.

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