INFINITE ZOOM in Construct 3

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  • Please Add Infinite Zoom to Construct 3

    I love Size Comparison

    and i need make giant size comparison in Construct 3

    but in editor zoom only 1%

    I need 0.1% 0.01% 0.001% 0.0001% etc

    For Add Giant Sprites (biggest than Screen)

    like it


    in Level

    Press`1234567890-= for Zoom

  • in My Simulator

    100 Pixels = 100 cm

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  • I very need make Size comparison Simulator.

    Please add Infinite Zoom to Construct 2 and 3

    and See It

    I need Use Giant Sprites

    Very lagre than original Zoom

  • If you have images so large that you need extra zoom levels to view them, you will have so far exceeded the maximum texture size that no devices will be able to load the game.

    Construct warns you if you try to export a game with an image over 4096x4096, because that is the largest widely-supported size.

  • Ashley

    My Game Great Work with Giant Sprites

    in Level

    Press`1234567890-= for Zoom

  • I dont Have Monitor 8K for Ultimate zoom)

  • Please Help wirh Zoom

    So hard make giant sprites on Level without Zoom

  • You've already asked this question 10 months ago and many people told you that this is a bad idea and won't work.

    You need to re-think the way you do zooming in your game, use different images or even layouts for different zoom levels.

  • this work is very good

    But i Need big Zoom Out for make it most easy

    I need only 8K monitor for it or or Infinite Zoom in Program



    why Creators just don't Add Infinite zoom out in construct 2?

    i am not programmer i don't know how make mod for construct 2 for It.

    I Unity is Giant Zoom

    But Unity is Very Hard for Me.

  • There are lots of technical complications involving Z depth (affecting the Z elevation feature), far-plane culling, floating point precision and more. This is not at all a simple change.

  • hmm

    Thank you for Answer

    but if they can do it

    let them do it

    this is very good thig for games

    and giant coloss bosses in Physic's Games

    Thank you again

  • You are talking about zooming in your game?

    Then there are no restrictions. There is noting stopping you zooming in or out 10000000000% forever

    because you can scale up or down as much as you want.

    you will just have to be clever with sprite sizes and when to display them

    for example the circles and space invader sprites here are allways zooming in

    you can do the same with different sprites.

  • Because Construct 3 supports Z elevation, zoom is implemented as moving the camera on the Z axis, and 3D rendering requires a far plane (i.e. a maximum draw distance). Consequently while you can zoom to any value, you cannot draw objects at an unlimited distance away from the camera; so if you rely on extremely large objects extremely far away, they may in fact disappear. However I think this is an extreme way to design a game and there are probably alternative ways of getting the same effect without using such extremes.

  • alternative ways

    for Size Simulator is

    8K monitor + Construct 3

    there will be Epic Zoom =)


    In Game All Ok!

    but in Editor, my sprites don't fit in Editor's Screen =)

  • the people that made that video don't have infinite zoom either - they use tricks to make it look that way. You have to figure out when to swap from one set of images to lower resolution versions.

    that is what 3d engines do - they only render objects that are close, anything far away uses a less detailed version of the object.

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