#include sheets when do they happen?

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  • when do #include sheets happen in order of the main sheet that calls them?

    I have #includes that use "On Start of Layout", but I also have other #includes that run "For Eaches"

    but one #include has a OnDestroy Trigger in it. However I have a global bool called 'NotFirstTime' that at the very end of the sheet I set to TRUE. So the Trigger is:

    OnDestroy && NotFirstTime then trigger the sfx

    It used to work fine with I had my Destroys in the main sheet. But my Destroys list got so big I put it in an #include. Now at the beginning of the sheet I hear all the sfx from that first On Start of layout Destroy.

    Does it matter where you place the #include?

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  • Just ran a test then with a text object that changes its text in 3 different events. It ran in order so that the include event sheets ran first - top to bottom, followed last by the event sheet that was calling the other sheets.

  • yup that worked! I just put the bool init in the first Start of Layout of the #include. I thought they all triggered together, I guess not! weird.

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