Improving Android Performance.

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  • Hi all,

    just wanted to contribute abit back to the community, something I just discovered today regarding android performance.

    Setting the downscaling to "Low" helps greatly. I've got major jerking issues with simple moving and physics before and now its working buttery smooth now.

    Will post more updates if any.

    Hope it help all the other android developers :)

  • You don't see any issues with your graphics?

    in the project statistics you can see the peak memory use for your layouts. changing downscaling quality should impact your memory usage

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  • Not really, it's a simple test scene for testing, and the game was a simple game with some physics used to be jerky, but now it's running smoothly. Maybe it's case by case?

  • I made a mistake, its not "Downscaling" but "Compositing Mode : Low latency (Desynchronized)" that helps. I read here :

    If anyone have tips, do share, I'm rather noob & still have a lot to learn.

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