Importing Construct 2 Project to 3. Any issues I should know about?

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  • Getting ready to purchase C3, and just wanted to know if there are any known issues with importing game projects from C2. I already *did* import my project, and all seems well, but as I have yet to purchase the license, I haven't been able to really play with it to see if all is copacetic.

    Seems like it's really the same engine, with more money for the creators for upgrades, which I am cool with.

    Really, really, really excited to get back to Construct. I have been using other engines for the last year plus, and, well, they aren't Construct!

    Thanks in advance if you have anything to chime in with!

  • outside custom plugins nothing i can think off.

    all custom plugins u use in C2 are not ported to C3 unofficial ones, even some official ones are probably subject to change.

    so u might want to check for those before converting ur project. to C3. it won't damage ur original file but make a copy of it in any case.

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  • Thanks! I hadn't ever used a plug in, so it should all be good! I tried sending it to C3, the demo version, and it ran alright. I just can't pay for C3 for another week and a half, and can't add anything to my C2 game, in C3, yet.

    So I'll just keep plugging away in C2, until I get C3 soon, knowing there shouldn't be any issues!

    Thanks again!

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