Can importing capx with unsupported plugins just ignore them?

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  • I have a lot of old projects originally made with C2. I have been trying to update them and release them to the public with C3. Many of them use Rex plugins for small parts of their functionality like Date and Time. Some use other plug ins with less support.

    Its a huge pain to have to open them in C2, hunt down the events and actions that use them and remove them and then remove the plug in, especially if I don't have that plug in installed with C2 anymore and I have to find an archived version.

    With C2 being sunsetted, is there a way to tell C3 to just import and ignore those events and actions. Or turn the events into blank events or something? I am worried that eventually I won't be able to use old projects.

  • here you have them. for C3.

  • Thanks, that helps for some but it doesn't have all the extensions I've used. It's not all the rex ones and I did use some that aren't rex.

    I still think the ability to ignore missing extensions would be very helpful.

  • I do agree with this, even if we get locked-out from previewing until all references of the old plugin are removed.

    I tried porting a project over from C2 the other day, and I just sifted through the project deleting the plugins and behaviours and it just broke everything when running it in c3.

    If we had maybe red striked-out text or something over the events, then at least we could go and replace with an equivalent (e.g. If we used the plugin "Paster", we could go to each Paster event and manually update this to use a drawing canvas.

  • Agreed, being able to leave them in but inactive would be best so that we can replace them with the C3 equivalent.

  • FYI it's impossible to even show anything about a plugin if the plugin's not installed, since the plugin defines things like its capabilities and events. The best we could do is mass-delete everything that references it.

    I'd point out though that by using third party addons you're relying on them for the long-term support of the addon, and if they turn out to not be willing to support their addon long-term, then you can end up stuck like this years down the line. It's important to only choose reliable third-parties who are willing to provide long-term support for any important projects - and you might have to pay for the work involved in that kind of support commitment.

  • I'll certainly vote for the "mass-delete" option; I've got a large project with 40+ unique layouts that I'm going to upgrade to C3 soon. I'd love to import the project just for the layouts, animations, and tilemaps.

    Long-term this could be great for access C2 projects without having access to C2 itself (in my case, I've recently switched to a mac, so it's a small ordeal stripping 3rd party plug-ins from c2 projects)/

  • I agree that mass delete is decent solution.

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  • You can open your own project (as text files) and delete all plugin references manually. search the forum for it.

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