How to implement viewing panoramic images?

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  • I'm trying to implement a panoramic view of images as in Google maps. I found the sphere effect, but it does not fit, I need a cylinder.

    Tell me the desired effect or maybe there is a plugin. I searched the Scirra forum, found old examples with broken links and have been trying to find an example for 3 days.

  • If the old posts with broken links are from Dropbox, it is likely those files are still there and the link just needs to be updated, due to a change Dropbox made a few years ago. There is usually a decent chance that they can be updated if you ask the original poster to do so, as many of the people who make examples have been active on these forums for a significant number of years and still are.

  • Panoramic, meaning 360 degrees spherical panoramas?

    Bare Construct 3, I can think of two ways:

    -mesh distort a Sprite to create a sphere (look for R0J0Hound's experiments thread - he has an example file there) - then set up a 3d Camera and rotation controls so you can pan around the panorama - this does not require any conversion to your panoramic image.

    -convert your panorama into a box map ("skybox"-type) - map it into a Box 3d Shape and again, set up actions in the 3d Camera for panning of the view.

  • here is an interesting option without twisting with grids. But it will work in the browser, if someone with direct hands made a plugin or better an effect based on this js.

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  • I haven't been keeping up with all the recent 3d additions so don't know if it can be done natively now, but i know it can be done with the funkyquadz plugin

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