I'm just about to release an iOS game but have a few issues.

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  • Hi there,

    So I am just about to release an iOS game and I am having a few issues with testing some of the features. Currently, I am having a hard time testing the


    AdMob ads

    I am not sure how to test these. When I try to run a game with Admob ads in Xcode, I just get a black screen.

    I also have a question about performance. Do you think that the simulated app is of similar performance to the real App? I am not talking about the app running in the simulator but when you deploy it to your device that is not an adhoc. It's reasonable to assume that the performance is the same.

    Overall the experience of making a game in C3 is awesome. Once I get my game to the app store, Ill try and get it on Xbox.

    Thanks, Scirra team!

  • The original Admob Ads plugin had a bug in the native part that prevents it from installing correctly, as that particular part is third party ( made by cranberrygame ) we can't fix it. We have however, just depreciated the original Admob plugin and published the new Advert plugin which uses our own code for the native component.

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  • Simulators do not accurately reflect performance at all. They run with the performance of the device the simulator is running on, which is often much more powerful. You must test on real devices to get sensible performance results.

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