I'm not good at titles- making a game with a friend i guess?

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  • So, I'd like to make a game with my friend, and I'm considering purchasing a plan. Due to corona virus, we can't work from the same computer. She's good at animating and I'm good at making games and coding. (mostly, I can't figure out how a button works, so I might not be.)

    If we were to use this, is there any way we could collaborate on a project? (preferably without purchasing two things) We don't fit into personal, business, or education.

    I'm not sure if we'd even be able to work on something from two different accounts, let alone share one. I'm not quite sure it's even legal to share one... I'd just like some clarification on what I'd be able to do. (And the cheapest option for doing so.)

    Thank you! And stay safe during these rough times :)

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  • I might be able to help. Does your friend have an account also? If so, you can download your project as a project folder, and upload it to an amazing app called GitHub (You need to make an account). I think Ashley posted about GitHub also. But if you upload to GitHub, your friend can then "clone" (or download) the folder, work on it, then push it back to GitHub. Afterwards, you can clone the folder that your friend worked on and open your project folder in Construct. I'm not very good at GitHub myself, but I suggest you look into it.

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