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  • I'm pounding my head in.

    Good evening,

    C3 takes my head, on one side it is simple, then on the other, much too complicated!!!!!

    Loading a poor file is far too complicated!

    It takes 50 objects (I exaggerate a little), it's very complicated, the help is insufficient and sometimes no example.

    For example, loading a simple JSON file for a table or dictionary seems very complicated!

    My yell is here, it's way too complicated all this!

    A simple dialog box, come on, one more object!

    And there are other things like that, I say there's enough!

    I'm pissed off about all this, it's way too complicated!

    Well, that's it, the developers probably won't care, but at least it's said!

  • J'ai rien compris , tu peux expliquer en français stp? :)

  • Yes in French I know how to do that, it's so much easier!

    I was saying I'm angry.

    C3 is on the one hand, simple, and on the other hand, very complicated for such simple things.

    Loading a poor file, ah bha no, needs an extra object, and it depends on the file!

    Display a poor dialog box, bha there too.

    If you want to load a table or a dictionary, it's hard!

    No INI file, Json does better but we don't understand how it works and it's complex.

    Loading a dictionary or dictionary requires other objects!

    Ajaax for example....

    My yell is there, it's too complicated for some things.

    Just to get your JSON backup back so you don't leave it

    in local storage, I can't explain...

    Anyway, I'm sick of it, it's way too complicated!

    File management is a real ordeal here!

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    Oui en français je sais faire ça, c'est tellement plus simple !

    Je disais que je suis en colère.

    C3 est d'un coté, simple, et de l'autre coté, très compliquer pour des truc si simple.

    Charger un pauvre fichier, ah bha non, faut un objet en plus, et ça dépend du fichier !

    Afficher une pauvre boîte de dialogue, bha la aussi idem.

    Si tu veux charger un tableau ou un dictionnaire, c'est galère !

    Pas de fichier INI, Json fais mieux mais ont comprends rien à son fonctionnement et c'est complexe.

    Charger un dico ou un dictionnaire requière d'autres objets !

    Ajaax par exemple...

    Mon coup de gueule il est là, c'est trop compliquer certaine chose.

    Rien que pour récupérer ta sauvegarde JSON pour pas la laisser

    dans le stockage locale, je t'explique pas...

    Bref j'en est marre, c'est beaucoup trop compliqué !

    La gestion des fichier c'est un véritable calvaire ici !

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  • Well... You just have to learn, that's the same for any task. The more you learn, the nearer you are to mastery and the better you are productively.

    Laziness can somehow be confused with complicatedness. Construct 3 is one of the most simple professional game engines ever made that simplified programming to visual editing.

    It's easy but not too easy, that's the reason you can still implement professional features because it has a balanced mix of professionalism and ease of use.

  • "Laziness can be confused with complexity. Construct 3 is one of the simplest professional game engines ever made that simplifies programming for visual editing."

    I agree, but still.....

    File management is too boring in this kind of program.

    The aid is too vague, insufficient or non-existent example...

    The beginner (the neophyte) will NEVER know how to use the file system correctly (load, read, write...), much too complex!

    Isn't there any way to make this all easier?

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